Grown in the USA by American farmers using Equipment made in the USA by US workers may seem like a stretch of the imagination, but for many farmers throughout North Georgia, it is a reality. From small farms to large agricultural food production facility, the driving force are the USA-made tractors and agriculture equipment. Made in the USA is a big part of the pride that goes into being a farmer or rancher, but it is not just the “Made in the USA” sticker that counts. It’s the fact that US tractors and ag equipment are built tough enough to handle the North Georgia landscape and have the quality that allows them to do the job and last. New Holland is one of those brands and this blog focuses on New Holland as a top US tractor company.

Where Are New Holland Tractors Made?

As one of the world’s top agriculture brands, New Holland tractors are made all over the world. However, many are made right here in the USA, and for good reason. The US agriculture and ranching industries are feeding the world too.

In The United States of America

You will find New Holland Tractors and Manufacturing plants in Fargo, North Dakota, Grand Island Nebraska, New Holland Pennsylvania, Racine, Wisconsin, and Wichita Kansas.

Fargo North Dakota – Case-New Holland – The plant is home to 600+ employees and focuses on larger tractors with tracks or 4×4 drive trains. The plant is home to the 670 HP T9 New Holland series and articulated tractors. Even under the stains of COVID-19, the plant focuses on quality production and employee safety.

New Holland Pennsylvania – is the regional headquarters for New Holland USA and historically, the place where the New Holland brand began back in 1895. The New Holland Pennsylvania plant focuses on hay and forage production equipment including balers. The Pennsylvania plant is also the seat for the New Holland brand around the world.

The plant sits on 341 acres and contains a 150-acre test farm. It has a manufacturing size of 700K square feet and its 600 employees use an amazing 47 million pounds of steel each year.

Racine Wisconsin – is New Holland’s base for their T8 series tractors and components. The manufacture and sales of T8 tractors and components at the Racine plant help to add to the $3.4 billion total revenue of Case-New Holland. As a company, the Racine Wisconsin Case-New Holland plant is ranked at the number five position for the best places to work in Racine by Zippia.

Grand Island Nebraska – is the manufacturing plant for most of Case-New Holland harvesting equipment and the technology center behind New Holland’s Twin Rotor technology. It has been an integral part of the technological advancements of New Holland for the past 35 years.

The Case-New Holland Grand Island plant is home to around 650 employees that focus on the production of combine harvesters, combine heads, windrows, and stack cruisers and components. It was awarded the Grand Island “Large Manufacture of the Year” by the Nebraska State Chamber of Commerce & Industry in 2018.

Wichita Kansas – is the home of construction equipment and compact loaders and track loaders. In 2016 the plant was awarded the Silver Level designation in World Class manufacturing. The plant is over 11 acres and besides manufacturing is also home to part of the research and development of New Holland’s construction and skid steer technology. The plant is home to 400+ employees and is a chief exporter of US farm and ag equipment to the world.


As a world brand, Case-New Holland tractors are manufactured around the world. They have plants in:

  • The United States
  • Mexico
  • Latin America – including Brazil and Argentina
  • China
  • India
  • Russia
  • Uzbekistan
  • The UK
  • Europe – including Italy
  • Turkey

As a top world brand for agriculture equipment Case-New Holland focuses on quality products from quality materials with a focus on enhanced technology across all of its manufacturing sites.

Brief History and Timeline of New Holland Factories

Case-New Holland is not a new company. It began in 1895 and was founded by Abe Zimmerman. 125 + years later, the Case-New Holland brand is a world leader in agriculture, ranching, and construction. Through humble beginnings, New Holland began as a hay and forage component company. It was purchased in 1947 by the Sperry Corporation where it continued to grow as a manufacturer of farm equipment. In 1986, Ford purchased Sperry-New Holland and the company continued to make farm tractors and attachments. Those old blue Ford tractors would become New Holland in 1991 when Ford sold its farming business to Fiat and the Ford farming brand became Case – New Holland.

When it comes to Made in the USA farm equipment the North Georgia farming community has options. New Holland is a world-class brand with a strong “Made in America” presence. Who makes New Holland Tractors? Many of the New Holland tractors or equipment that you find in the United States are made by American workers. New Holland employs more than 10,000 US workers across its US plants.

New Holland is just one brand that offers “Made in the US” equipment – Kubota is another with manufacturing plants made right here in Georgia. You can explore New Holland Tractors and their capabilities at Nelson Tractor Company, and you can explore the entire residential and agriculture equipment that we offer too. Stop by and ask questions or take a test drive.