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Serving Union County, Pickens County, Georgia and the surrounding regions for over fifty years, Nelson Tractor Company provides Sales, Service and Parts for tractors and equipment utilized in farming, construction, and residential lawn care. We are one of very few dealers in the Southeastern United States with John Deere, Kubota, and New Holland brands all under the same roof.
Kubota DealerJohn Deere Dealer  New Holland Dealer

Residential - UTV in water


Kubota Skid Steer - Commercial and Agriculture

Commercial & Agriculture

Service Department - Technician working

Service Department

Used Equipment - man standing by John Deere tractor

Used Equipment

Recent Blog Posts

Why Nelson Tractor?

Years ago, as a child, I remember riding by Nelson Tractor and being amazed by all the tractors and cool implements I saw on their lot. We only had a couple of acres and had no large property by any means. However, we always grew a garden in the spring, had grass to...

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Fix Your Hydrostatic Transmission Problems Fast

Combustion engines, like those found in most cars, transfer power to the vehicle’s axle, which turns the wheels. Hydrostatic transmissions found in most modern tractors and zero-turn mowers, work by transferring power from the engine to hydraulic pumps which use...

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Can You Talk To The Owner Of Your Tractor Dealership?

When you buy a tractor, you’re making a significant investment in the future of your property. As with any vehicle or equipment, plenty of things can go wrong. If you have a question or a problem, will your dealer make the time to talk to you? Choosing a dealer is...

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John Deere Tractor Cutting Grass

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