Man Driving Kubota UTV

UTV And RTV’s for Sale

The RTV / UTV You Need From The Best Brands

Nelson Tractor features brands that improve how we farm or build in North Georgia. Our utility vehicle options include RTV and UTV to match up with the jobs you need to accomplish. 

We offer Kubota RTVs for sale with all the options features – power, control, drivability, and affordability, all wrapped up in a strong sense of function and reliability. 

Want to bump up to a UTV? We have the UTV for sale that you want with options featuring Kubota UTV dedicated to agriculture and commercial businesses of all sizes. These tools have proven track records, outstanding performance, and superb reliability. 

What Size RTV / UTV Do You Need?

Nelson Tractor Company understands that choosing the correct size of RTV or UTV is essential for the machine to handle the chores you need it to own. That’s why we offer a range of sizes, so you can choose the machine that fits your needs. With options between differentials – RWD or 4×4, Engine Size – choose the power and torque range that fits your chore list and options that enable the RTV or UTV to scale as your business grows. 


There are many ways to utilize the functions of an RTV or UTV. The first option is to decide which type of vehicle you need. Both are highly functional. One is heavy-duty and built for rough terrain, and the other is equally impressive but designed for the more leisurely route. If you have to traverse the hillsides to mend fences, cross small creeks, or venture through the brush, you probably want an RTV. If you need to drive from building to building in the dead of winter, a UTV will do the job. 

You can equip each with add-ons that create a vehicle that is as customized as is your farm. Add features like winches, additional storage, mirrors, windshield, Audio, and more. 

Kubota offers a range of optional equipment, and their RTV or UTV are durable, functional, and customizable to fit nicely into the role you require of them. An example would be adding a trailer to extend the 1,000-pound payload to 2,000 plus pounds of towing ability. 

If you are shopping for an RTV or UTV for sale, consider Nelson Tractor. We sell more than tractors and feature quality service and parts too. 

Kubota UTV on Road
Kubota RTV on Road