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Used Farm & Construction Equipment

We have the best used models from New Holland, Kubota, Land Pride, and Woods available, along with many more popular brands. If you are in the market for quality Pre-Owned equipment, Nelson Tractor has what you are looking for. 

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Used Tractors for Sale

If you’re in the market for quality pre-owned tractors or farm equipment, Nelson Tractor has the selection and price you’re looking for. Come by our store to shop high quality used tractors for sale from New Holland, Kubota, and Land Pride, along with other brands you’ve grown to respect. All of our used farm equipment is thoroughly inspected and in excellent condition.

We’ve been right here in North Georgia for 65 years, and now have locations in Blairsville and Jasper. When you come to us to talk about used tractors for sale, we will not steer you wrong. 

Before you buy used…

If you’re searching for “used tractors for sale near me” and hoping for the best, here are some tips to help ensure you don’t waste your money. 

First, make sure the dealer is willing to stand behind what they sell. Before you buy a used tractor from us, we make sure everything is in good running order. Then we back our sales with excellent service.

Here are a few quick checks to help you spot problems and ensure quality with used farm and construction equipment:

  • With the engine off and cold, remove the radiator cap to check the coolant. Any oily substance floating atop the coolant could signal internal problems.
  • Check for drops of water on the oil dipstick before the engine is started. Water in the oil indicates major internal problems with the engine.
  • Take a test drive. Check the steering, clutch, and transmission to be sure everything is working properly.
  • Talk to the technician to see what services they have performed.
  • And of course, always buy from a reputable dealer you trust.

If you decide to buy a used tractor, remember that it’s cheaper to buy used equipment, but it will not come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Some reputable dealers offer a dealer warranty similar to ours, but not all will. 

Keeping your used tractor in the field

Farm equipment maintenance can be the difference in the service life of your machinery and tools. The importance of keeping your equipment in good repair simply can be overstated. For maximum safety and productivity and minimum downtime, contact us to take care of all your service needs.

If you’re shopping for used tractors for sale, give us a call at  877-788-0413 or come to one of our North Georgia stores.