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Agriculture Tractors and Equipment

Growing your Ag business is all about finding the best tools power through that long list of chores you have. Agriculture farming equipment is the backbone of farms of all sizes, from small residential tractors to ginormous rigs designed to handle multiple acres of crops or livestock. The right tool helps reduce the physical work of farming, raising livestock, and running agricultural businesses. If you’ve made it this far, you probably have questions and that’s an excellent thing. We welcome questions because we have quality answers tailored for your unique business.

We understand that buying a new tractor or attachment for your tractor is important to you. It is important to us too, because we build lifelong relationships with our customers and we do so by listening to your needs, discussing your options, and finding you the perfect tool for the chores you have to get done. 

Nelson Tractor delivers the top brands of agriculture equipment for sale. Each iconic brand has an exciting role in creating America’s agriculture industry. These brands started small and grew into pivotal companies that shaped American farming and were shaped by American farming. Through innovative thinking and being in the fields with farmers are two examples of why these brands are critical. They deliver what you need when you need it even when your needs change. 

Agriculture Tractors and Equipment Brands

We are proud to represent the pivotal brands that not only make a difference in North Georgia, but help the agricultural community here to succeed. 

Kubota – A world brand with a small-town disposition. Designed for farms of all sizes and all industries. With innovations rooted in the fields and shaped by the real-world problems farmers face. 

New Holland – is a highly innovative game-changer with advancements in modern agriculture, including hydrogen-powered tractors and tools that fit the uniqueness of Norther Georgia farming and agriculture. 

Bush Hog – So applicable to the worst mowing jobs, the brand has become the name for ruthless land clearing and rugged terrain, not because it is terrible but because it handles the worst of the worst – when you need to bush hog, you need a Bush Hog.  

When you need to get the work done – Nelson Tractor has what you need.

Nelson Tractor offers new equipment used, and you can rent the tools you need for short-duration jobs.

Types of Agriculture Equipment We Have For Sale

We sell essential farming equipment, rugged and tough commercial equipment, the equipment that is the foundation for construction, and the unique bits of the tools that fall in between. 

Residential Equipment 

Construction and Heavy Equipment 




Each piece of equipment is backed by our commitment to the local farming and commercial industries. We offer deep knowledge of agriculture and construction and the tools needed to get the job done correctly. We also feature parts-and-service with a mobile leg to our service department.

Kubota tractor pulling hay baler
New Holland Mega Cutter in field - farm equipment