Kubota Dealer, Nelson Tractor Salesman and Customer shaking hands


Lovin Contracting Company, Inc. has been doing business with Nelson Tractor Company, Inc. for over 20 years. In that time, our business relationship has turned into friendship. When we were in the market to purchase 30 new tractors, we looked no further than Nelson. What could have been a headache, Will, Kellye, and the rest of the staff made purchasing and pickup simple, and I was able to continue running my business without having a full day away from my day to day operations.  It is always a pleasure doing business with Nelson Tractor!
Brandon Lovin

Lovin Contracting Company Inc.

Will – It was my distinct pleasure to meet you today. Not only has John Clark done a great job with me, But when I first came in, John Clark was brand new, so Joe came in and sat in on our meeting. He was able to fill in any blanks while allowing John Clark to take the lead. This is certainly an indication of f a great and respectful team in my opinion.

John Fenn Foster

A month ago my elderly neighbor bought a JD D-140 with the grass catcher assembly. Her Craftsman finally died and she was paying big bucks for a lawn service. I convinced her to buy the JD and with all the rain we’ve had I’ve been cutting almost every week saving her over $100.00 to $200.00 bucks a month in lawn service. The guys at Nelson’s got us just the size mower we needed, 22 HP Twin that covers her property just fine. Thank you for your help and I know if I ever need service, you guys will be there.
John Greco

 I am overwhelmingly satisfied with the friendly, professional service I experienced during the process of buying a my new Kubota tractor at Nelson Tractor in Blairsville, GA. Their willingness to go the extra mile for me to ensure I got the pricing, equipment, and financing I wanted has motivated me to put in writing how much I appreciate it.

First off, what can I say about a character like my salesman Joe Arnick? Joe sells tractors and has a good time doing it. He knows equipment, pricing, and options and helped me take advantage of Kubota’s promotional pricing offers. Joe put me at ease on one of my main concerns: getting a fair price for my trade in. Once we got that out of the way, he was very honest and open about pricing and dealer profits on the new Kubota l3901 tractor and LA525 loader I had chosen.

Next I had the pleasure of dealing with finance manager Kellye Pigott in order to take advantage of Kubota’s Orange Opportunity special financing that is available through the end of May. She was very patient and knowledgable in answering the finance contract questions I had.

My tractor was assembled and delivered in perfect condition when promised. My salesman Joe even let let me take a peek while the tractor was being fitted with the loader and I had the opportunity to meet service tech Adam. I came back to Nelson Tractor’s Service Department the day after using my new tractor for the first time and asked for Adam. I had a few questions about operating procedures that he was happy to answer. It is so nice to deal with a polite service team considering some can be quite surly.

I made a bad decision in going to a rear finishing mower without any experience with one. I knew I had made a mistake once I got the Mower on my property. Everyone I had dealt with so far plus the owner, Will Nelson helped me in returning the unused equipment. 

I’m sure there are some dealers that would have told me “Once it leaves the lot, it’s yours, you bought it.”

Granted this is a somewhat lengthy review but since Nelson Tractor’s service was so thorough, I wanted to give a thorough review. I like as much information as possible when making a large purchase like a new tractor. I hope this review will help someone else choose a great dealer like I did.

Also worth mentioning, Nelson Tractor has a really nice and fairly new location in Jasper, Georgia just north of Atlanta. It gives Nelson Tractor a bigger territory and also provides better parts and equipment availability for both locations.

Mike Lety