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Vineyard & Orchard Equipment

Vineyard & Orchard Equipment from The Brands You Love

North Georgia orchards produce excellent crops and spectacular revenue, but it requires specialized equipment to meet the unique challenges of producing fruit, wine, and other crops here in North Georgia. 

Thankfully, we stock premium brand tractors designed with orchards in mind. These narrow tractors fit between the narrow rows and under the carefully manicured fruit trees.  

We cultivate a collection of tractors with a deep commitment to the unique needs of farming here. Nelson Tractor Company recommends Kubota and New Holland tractors for orchards and vineyards. 

Both brands offer solid performance, easy maneuverability, and narrow designs that work well for orchards and vineyards. 

Kubota Tractor in Orchard
New Holland Orchard Tractor

Types of Vineyard & Orchard Equipment We Offer

Kubota offers the M-series Narrow Tractors 

  • M4N-071 with 61 PTO HP
  • M5N-091 with 78 PTO HP
  • M5N-111 with 91 PTO HP 

New Holland offers the 

  • T4.80F 65 PTO HP
  • T4.100F 86 PTO HP
  • T4.90F 75 PTO HP
  • T4.110F 93 PTO HP

RTV- Rugged Terrain Vehicles pair nicely with the narrow series tractors. These agile, powerful transport vehicles fit between rows among orchards and haul all your tools, trimmings, or crops. 


Disc mowers attachments help keep weeds down between rows


Grapple attachments for clearing pruning, weed piles, and wood.


Sprayer attachments you tow are designed for fuller applications of treatments, fertilizers, and pest control agents in narrow corridors. 


Grape Harvesters and Shakers 

New Holland Grape Harvesters:

  • Braud 9070M – 4 cylinder – 164 HP, Hoppers – 623/819 gal – 1.3 meters wide 
  • Braud 9070L- 4 cylinder – 164 HP, Hoppers – 819/951 gal – 1.6 meters wide 
  • Braud 9090L- 6 cylinder – 182 HP, Hoppers – 977/1,056 gal – 1.6 meters wide 
  • Braud 9090X- 6 cylinder – 182 HP, Hoppers – 528 gal – 2.2 meters wide 

The Expertise You Need

Nelson Tractor Company offers specialized equipment and tools that fit the unique needs of vineyards and orchards. When you need experience that makes a difference, turn to the highly experienced crew at Nelson Tractor. We have what it takes to set you up with the right tool for every job you do.

Kubota M5 Vineyard and Orchard Tractor

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