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We are proud to be the New Holland dealer for Fannin County Georgia. We have been serving customers in the Blue Ridge area with the best selection of tractors, farm equipment, and construction equipment since we first opened our doors back in 1949.

We invite you to come by our closest location in Blairsville, Georgia to see our selection of tractors, farm and construction equipment. We carry a great selection of top brands like New Holland, Kubota, and many others under the same roof at our Blairsville dealership.

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Our Farming Equipment Brands

Did you know that New Holland has a wide variety of solutions for both the agriculture and construction industries? For landowners of various acreages, New Holland compact tractors cover the full spectrum.

Up To 10 Acres
On smaller properties, tractors are primarily used for maintenance and upkeep. Tasks like mowing, gardening, landscaping and removing snow can all be accomplished with a compact tractor with 20-25 horsepower. Some people like going all the way to 50 hp.

Our recommendation: The New Holland Workmaster 25 or Boomer Compact 24 are perfect for anyone who has small food plots, land for livestock, and homeowners with up to 10 acres of grass and garden to upkeep.

Kubota Z231

10 – 50 Acres And Up
Properties that are 10-50 acres in size require more horsepower. A tractor with 30-100 HP can do everything the smaller one can, plus hay harvesting in many cases. These are typically used for profit farming.

Our recommendations: On the lower end, the New Holland Workmaster 35 or Boomer 33 have the horsepower to tackle a variety of jobs around a larger farm or property, and are fuel efficient, making the most out of your work day. The closer you get to 50 acres, the more likely you’ll need the higher horsepower of a New Holland PowerStar. On the hay side, you need a PowerStar with 75 HP or higher.

50 Acres And Up
A 50 acre farm means you need a 100 horsepower utility tractor.

Our recommendation: The New Holland PowerStar 100 or 120. Both have all the HP you need to take care of large properties.

Learn more about choosing the right New Holland compact tractor.

Besides New Holland, we offer these and other top brands:

Types of Farming Equipment & Attachments

We offer:

  • Tractors (compact, utility, row crop)
  • Tractor Attachments
  • Mowers
  • Balers
  • Rakes
  • Plows
  • Wrappers
  • Spreaders

Explore our wide selection of farm equipment and tractor attachments at our Blairsville dealership. Meet our team of Georgia agriculture and construction experts in Blairsville and explore. We’d be honored to meet you, answer your questions and help you find the right equipment for your job.

What Crops Grow In The Blue Ridge Mountains?

You can’t talk about Blue Ridge and Fannin County without mentioning the gorgeous Blue Ridge mountains. We’ve helped our farmers with equipment and support for crops such as

  • Corn
  • Tomatoes
  • Apples
  • Peaches

*Source: 2017 Census of Agriculture

Need Construction Equipment?

We are proud to serve the Blue Ridge construction industry and workers. We do not take lightly the trust they put in our products and service each and every day. Home construction, grading, and excavating are the leading operations here. Home construction may be repairing a gravel driveway or building a home from the ground up. Excavation and grading operations in Blue Ridge include roadway excavation, rock removal, and burrow excavation.

Construction equipment we offer include:

Reach out to us at 706-745-2148, or visit our nearest dealership in Blairsville, Georgia.




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