Kubota is a cornerstone of Georgia agriculture. Even from the early years, the folks at Kubota were knee-deep in the mud talking to local farmers about the challenges of farming North Georgia. The innovations behind the Kubota brand are local and so are the tractors. They are made right here in Georgia.

In fact, around 50 percent of all the Kubota tractors sold in the US come out of Georgia. Kubota has two Georgia plants: Kubota manufactures around 200,000 units per year.

  1. Kubota Manufacturing of America is their Gainesville, Georgia facility, which is not too far from Atlanta.
  2. Kubota Industrial Equipment is out of Jefferson and not too far from the Gainesville plant.

In Short, Kubota adds around 2,500 US jobs and nearly all of them are in Georgia, the “Detroit” of the South. Those are split between Kubota Manufacturing of America and Kubota Industrial Equipment.

Kubota is a Japanese company, and they have been making farm equipment as far back as 1890. It only makes sense, and dollars too, that a company which such an international presence would want to have factories in one of the largest farming communities in the world.

Many people assume that because Kubota is a Japanese company that their tractors and implements are imported. Not so. Much of the equipment and implements that Kubota sells in the US come from their two plants in Georgia. Here’s the breakdown of what they do:

Kubota Manufacturing of America has been employing Georgia labor for over 30 years. The plant is designed to be a full manufacturing facility, and they also assemble products from parts made elsewhere. Their product lines include:

  • Sub-compact tractors
  • Lawn Tractors
  • Zero-turn Mowers
  • Backhoes
  • Loaders
  • And Utility Vehicles, such as the popular RTV – Rough Terrain Vehicle.

The final product that rolls out of the doors of the Gainesville plant is Made in The USA by US workers. There’s local pride in every Kubota tractor that they produce.

Kubota Industrial Equipment (KIE) in Jefferson, GA

Kubota Industrial Equipment (KIE) in Jefferson, GA

The Kubota Industrial Equipment facility in Jefferson focuses on tractors, tractor implements, and farm or agriculture accessories. They are big into production and expanded from 88 acres in 2013 so that they could address modern farming challenges. They now have a facility that is 460K square feet that is a green facility.

They have facilities in Augusta and Oakwood, and in early 2022 announced that they were investing $140 Million in its Jefferson plant for expansion of their Kubota loaders so that they can better fill demand in the US. The expansion adds 500 jobs to the Georgia economy.

The constant investment in the Kubota infrastructure allows the company to bring new innovations to the American agriculture community. Their tools empower the construction and building industry, road and infrastructure companies, and growers of all sizes from small hobby farms and ranches to large producers that grow and deliver food to tables all over the world.

Assembled From US Parts

Most of the Engines that go into American Made Kubota Tractors come from their Illinois plant. The plant produces engines that range in size and horsepower from 6 HP to 99 HP. These engines ship to Georgia for use in tractors and equipment production.

The Pride of Kubota

As a brand, Kubota is world-class and a local strong horse that is built from quality materials that are backed by innovations inspired by the American farming community.

Kubota is a brand that holds its value. A tractor, well-cared for will still hold 60 percent of its value even five years from when it was purchased. More than just the amount of money you get when you trade it in, and not many people trade in their Kubota, is the fact that the quality of construction from the design of engines and hydraulics to the design and manufacture of attachments and implements there is a quality that will see you through. Kubota is not just a fancy name. It is a way of farming. It is a way of building. It is the way you get work done.

Kubota embraces the fact that farming is hard work. It is hard on people and hard on equipment. That is why they came to the US to look at the challenges that our agriculture community faced. It is why they invested in our local community and brought the manufacturing of tractors and farm equipment to Georgia.

In a farming community, you don’t want potential customers driving down the road and looking at broken-down tractors in the field. You want to see these people watching tractors and equipment getting the job done. That is what Kubota does. It gets the job done. Thanks to an investment in quality materials, smart designs, and local manufacturing, Kubota is one of the most dependable brands you can find.

If you are looking for a new or used tractor, consider this:

  • Kubota tractors hold their value. You can expect around 60 percent of what you paid for it after five years.
  • Kubota keeps its prices affordable, and they do not raise prices often.
  • 50 percent of Kubota products are made right here in Georgia.

While people may think that Kubota products are made in China, Kubota is as much Georgia as peaches. Their made-in-America products are what drive our local and state economies and where over 2,000 people who live here in Georgia find work. Kubota is working to get the job done, and they do that through quality products, affordable wages, and by building tools that hold value and function as you need them.

Stop by Nelson Tractor and meet the new Kubota. You can see the quality, kick the tires, and talk with our tractor experts about tools, equipment, and service that fit your “growing” business.

Kubota UTV in woods