If you are new to tractors, New Holland might be a name you don’t recognize. However, it’s the third-ranked manufacturer of tractors both in the US and in Australia. In 1985, New Holland was purchased by Ford, and in the 1990s, New Holland was purchased by Fiat International from Ford. New Holland was founded in 1895 and has a rich history as one of America’s best manufacturers of agriculture products.

What Makes New Holland Tractors Special?

New Holland tractors are not complicated, and that is one of the fundamental reasons people love them. They are easy to use and still produce fantastic results. The product line ranges in degrees of horsepower, allowing farmers to choose the tool that best fits their needs. In the North Georgia farming community, farms range from small hobby farms to large producers, and a plethora of farms and ranches are scattered amid the agriculture community. As a result, the community’s needs vary significantly, as do the types of crops and species of livestock.

That wide diversity is welcomed by New Holland who offers a range of products that fits each of the many business models created by the individual farms. You would not need the same tractor that mows 1,000 acres of hay to move your poultry enclosure or to manage your 20-acre apple orchard. New Holland’s wide variety of tools make it a well-suited for the challenges of North Georgia farmers.

The Farming Community of North Georgia

Georgia had 42,439 farms following the 2017 ag census. That large number helps create a fantastic diversity of farming here. Hobby farms may want to focus on market farming and animal production. Poultry, small livestock, cattle, and mixed ranching are some of what small holders produce.

The construction industry is prominent here, as is the need for construction equipment. Large-scale ranching and agricultural production fill in the gaps. The remainder is businesses that offer a hybrid of ag and ranching. Many are family farms of various sizes and heritage properties with several generations of farmers working the land. All of this spells diversity, and that is something that New Holland offers — a diversity of tools that exceeds the needs of this community.

North Georgia Farming Terrain

What Makes North Georgia Terrain Special? It is more than just the terrain. A prosperous agriculture community has many things in common. The land here ranges from hill country to flat valleys with several types of soil structures. Rocks, plenty of rocks, and all sizes are some of the challenges of farming here. Forests are another challenge. Tractors and other tools need to be strong enough and durable enough to clear land, pull stumps, and remove brush. They also need attachments that will help remove rocks, smooth the land so farming or ranching can occur.

The climate here, which ranges from hot summers to cool and cold winters, creates some very different types of farming opportunities. Much of the local topography is suitable for orchards. However, the smaller farms struggle with creating level ground for growing grains, hay, and crops. Not trying to make it sound like the gateway to Mordor, but the reality is there is a great opportunity here to work the land, grow an establishment, and create something your children will continue.

These aspects of North Georgia are made possible through the advancement of agricultural innovation, and New Holland understands and addresses the challenges of farming and ranching here. Many small holdings and hobby farms have only one tractor, and that tractor must wear many hats. Versatility and diversity are cornerstones of what makes New Holland a brand that is North Georgia.

If you are new to farming and want to start growing food or raising animals, you must first contend with the land. That means removing rocks, trees, and brush and then working the land to create a landscape that suits your farming endeavors. A tractor is a tool most small farms use. It must be powerful enough to grapple rocks and logs and easy to switch to mowing the lawn. You will need it to spread manure or muck the barn. The range of attachments that New Holland offers covers all of these chores and many others.

How New Holland Tractors Work with North Georgia Terrain

Farming goes beyond just the terrain, though the North Georgia terrain is a challenge; it is many challenges. These are part of the Appalachian Mountains and rise to nearly 5,000 feet in elevation. The climate here is warm to hot summers with cold to freezing winters. The ground is not usually flat, and rocks and other natural obstacles make farming a serious challenge. The growing season here is also short, making it difficult to grow crops. Add to that the damage from hurricanes and tropical storms, and you can begin to see why everything you do in North Georgia to farm is critically essential.

All of that is why New Holland is one of the best choices for North Georgia tractors.

Which New Holland tractor and equipment models are particularly suited for North Georgia terrain?

If you are looking for North Georgia New Holland Tractors, one of the first places to start is with the New Holland PowerStar, Boomers, and Workmaster series.

PowerStar Tractors

The PowerStar Tractors offer a taller platform, plenty of power, and are comfortable to use. A tractor that is not comfortable is a real pain when you have to be in it for eight hours. Also, North Georgia ground will take a toll on your back without a firm and supportive seat. Along with all the power is a low operating cost that helps balance your chore list and your bottom line. At 75 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque, you have the power to handle many chores. The PowerStar series is available in many models with different base horsepower options, so you can pick the best tractor to tackle your to-do list.

The PowerStar design is all about comfort, improved visibility, and easy-to-operate controls. A good example is the shuttle lever that is just left of the steering column. So, you can operate without ever taking your eyes off the job. PowerStar models range in horsepower from 75-120, giving you a wide range of options.

The Boomer and Workmaster Tractors

Boomer tractors by New Holland range from 35-55 horsepower making them an excellent addition to smaller farms or for dedicated chores that do not require a bigger engine. All the Boomer tractors come with 4WD, perfect for variable conditions, hills, snow, monsoonal weather, or just mucking out the barn.

The three-cylinder, turbocharged, direct-injected, and common rail engines stand up to North Georgia farming. From stump removal to mowing the front lawn, the range of abilities is impressive. To get to know the Boomer tractors stop by and climb up in the cab. The comfortable and straightforward design is what impresses people immediately. The power and ability are what make you a New Holland customer for life.

Workmaster Tractors are quality tractors with an economical price tag. You are getting a premium tractor at affordable prices. Workmasters are available with a cab or not, and a range of horsepower making it easy to find the tractor you need. Cabbed models are offered with 55, 65, or 75 horsepower engines paired with a list of features that impresses.

The cabbed Workmasters start with 25 horsepower engines but are loaded with premium features. The standard quick-release bucket means you can detach or attach the bucket without tools. A core design element across all Workmaster tractors is the easy access maintenance system. They are designed to make it easy to do maintenance and that level of convincing runs throughout the New Holland Brand.

The best option to getting to know the New Holland Brand is to stop by and meet the tractors in person. Sit in the cab, kick the tires, and bombard the sales team with your questions. One thing you will notice here is that we are a no-pressure dealer. The truth is, the machines sell themselves.

Image source: agriculture.newholland.com