Why a Disc Mower?

The benefit of buying and using a disc mower is that they are capable of mowing thick, tangled vegetation, even wet hay. Some mowers cannot handle dense vegetation, which means you will have to mow when the field is under the right conditions. With a disc mower, – either Kubota or KUHN disc mowers – you can mow when you have the time rather than waiting for the right mowing conditions.

Disc mowers also allow you to mow at different speeds without affecting the result. That means you achieve more with less time and without sacrificing quality.

The Disc Mower

How Do They Work?

Disc mowers have a cutter bar which is the driver for the blades and discs. Attached to the cutter bar is a series of small discs usually with a disc cover under which is the cutting disc. The cutting disc has blades attached that cut the grass as the disc passes over it. You raise the cutting bar with the hydraulic system on your tractor.

Advantages and Use Cases

  1. They handle dense hay and weeds with ease.
  2. The mower is often wider than a drum mower meaning you need fewer passes in a large field.
  3. Spreads the hay as it is cut – “cutting” down on tedder work.
  4. Thanks to hydraulic lifting, you can lift the mower to change fields easily.
  5. They don’t clog with grass or hay.

Choosing the Right Disc Mower

A KUHN Disc Mower in Action

“The KUHN cutterbar is joined to frame and suspension systems that have been engineered to exceed the requirements of today’s increasing horsepower and greater acreages. The low-profile cutterbar, fitted with heavy-duty discs and skids, cuts at a flat angle for a faster, smoother cut.” – kuhn-usa.com

The key to excellent results is found when you pair the right disc mower with a tractor that has the horsepower to make it function efficiently.

Whether you choose a Kubota disc mower or one of the many options for KUHN disc mowers, you will need to first consider the horsepower of your tractor. If you choose a disc mower that functions at the maximum horsepower that your tractor produces, mowing will be slower and take more fuel. You want to choose a disc mower that your tractor can handle easily so that you can choose the speed at which you mow.

If you have a small farm, then you also want to make sure that the disc mower you choose will fit your farm and that means that it is narrow enough to mow hay fields and still mow in close quarters while getting through gates with ease.

Disc mowers often require more horsepower from your tractor than other types of mowers. Disc mowers also are managed through the hydraulic system on your tractor, which they use to lift and lower the mower unit.

Is a Disc Mower Right for Your Farm or Landscaping Job?

Disc mowers are perfect when you are mowing a mixed hay crop or mixed weeds. They do remarkably well on stem crops, such as mowing Bermuda grass, or in orchards. They also are a good bet on larger plots of land as they often have a wider swath.

When choosing a mower for your farm or business, consider the job description that you have in mind for that mower. That chore list is going to be the most limiting factor and a good indicator of which disc mower you need. The next big difference is going to be their cost, and that is a ratio of your time and energy to the price you pay for the mower.

There are many benefits of using a disc mower. Those include the fact that they don’t clog, and you don’t have to get off the tractor to change fields. They can mow at fairly fast speeds so long as you have the horsepower to power them.

The next logical step is to compare the two in person.

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