Should I buy a Ferris Zero Turn Mower? It’s a question you might be asking yourself. The simple answer is that yes, you should buy a Ferris Zero Turn mower. Ferris offers cutting-edge technology and often has features that you won’t find on other mowers. Ferris has consistently pushed the envelope for advanced suspensions and other features that make their mowers in high demand. Another great reason to buy a Ferris mower is that they are made here in the USA.

With their long history as a company and their solid reputation for building tools that last, Ferris is an excellent choice for a Zero Turn mower.

Ferris Zero Turn Mower Main Features

If you use a riding mower or zero turn mower to keep your yard beautiful or to tackle larger plots of land or use a zero turn mower for commercial applications, one thing you will appreciate is comfort. Doing a job and being comfortable takes a lot of the work out of doing that job. Ferris mowers use advanced suspensions that help make long hours on a mower more comfortable and kinder on your body.

Ferris’ Multi-Patented Suspension Technology

Ferris builds suspensions similarly to those you find in comfortable automobiles. They have independent front suspensions that feature coil-over-shocks and attach them to independent front axles with innovative control arm technology. What that means is that the suspension on a Ferris zero turn mower will flex and adapt to the landscape so that you do not experience the shock of sudden dips or the impact of wheels encountering a divot or hole.

Further, as the suspension adapts to the terrain, your body remains seated, your spine remains in a healthy alignment, and you no longer are leaning or fighting not to lean to adjust to uneven terrain. The result is a kinder and less painful time mowing, and they do all this without sacrificing the quality of the cut. Outside the comfort imparted to the rider, there is a time-saving aspect and the process takes less of a toll on your mower.

This is a game-changing innovation that puts Ferris Mowers ahead of other brands. Ferris zero turns offer comfort, quality cutting technology, long product lifecycles, and quality tools that help you achieve the mow you want.

ICD Cutting Technology

ICD cutting technology helps Ferris zero turn mowers cut faster and more efficiently without sacrificing quality. There are three main points that help Ferris’ ICD cutting tech work.

  1. Wider chute – As the mower cuts, the wider shoot allows the grass clipping to exit the mower faster and more evenly. That frees up space inside the mower to cut consistently without struggling against already-cut grass.
  2. Built to Handle Stress – All Ferris zero turns have two pieces of 10g steel that support the upper, center section of the cutting deck. These are welded into one piece offering strength and support where the deck needs it most. That feature helps keep the deck in top shape for longer so that your Ferris zero turn mower lasts longer.
  3. Consistent Power Via a Two-belt System – The belt drive features a twin-belt approach with steel arms that prevent the belts from slipping or dislodging. Additional design features include a deep grooved pulley that helps prevent the belts from dislodging from the pulley. The last feature is a customized v-belt that resists stretching and early wear. The belt helps deliver more power to the mower and stands up to greater stress than most v-belts on mowers.

500 hours between Oil Changes

Ferris offers Oil Guard Technology that extends the life of the oil in the mower’s motor so that you spend less time and money on maintenance.

Advanced Engine Technology Featuring EFI and ETC Tech

EFI or Electronic Fuel Injection means your mower starts regardless of the outside temperature and as you mow, the engine uses less fuel. The elevation of your property or job site also has less impact on the performance of the mower thanks to EFI.

ETC or Electronic Throttle Control keeps the engine and mower spinning consistently even as the load from the cutter changes. That process helps to reduce fuel use, and engine wear, and gives you a consistent cut from the mower.

All of these features make a Ferris zero turn mower a viable option for anyone who wants a professional-looking lawn. The main point to make here is that even though Ferris’ technology means consistent power, professional results, and an extended lifecycle for the mower, it is comfortable. Their four-point suspension system is key and it makes the ride easier on your body when combined with the suspension seat the comfort level increases as it takes away shock because all four wheels and struts have coil-over spring shocks.

Independent Suspension VS. Traditional Zero Turn Mower Suspension

Most zero turn mowers have a suspension that is solid. It does not adjust to the terrain and that means that unless your lawn or mowing field is perfectly flat and free of holes and divots, the mower will tilt and it is possible that one or more wheels will come off the ground. That situation can be unsafe and cause the mower to tip over or roll, especially on land that has a slope to it.

The Mower and Ergonomics

When you sit in a chair that has one leg shorter than the other your body compensates and your spine curves away from the tilted angle. Once a mower does not adjust to the terrain, your spine gets a workout turning left, right, forward, and backward to compensate for the various tilting for the mower deck. With Ferris zero turns, the suspension helps to alleviate the extra workout your spine goes through while you mow on slopping land, or on areas where there are holes, ditches, and other obstacles.

Ferris also has a suspension seat that absorbs much of the jarring that your lower back undergoes when the mower hits a hole or when you cross a small ditch. That sudden bang to your back is damaging to your spine and causes muscle fatigue and possible back injury. If you have ever ridden on an old tractor for an hour, you know what we mean. The physical impact of every bump is felt. That is why Ferris developed an independent suspension for its zero turns. They want the person who mows the lawn to enjoy the process without the aggravation and sore back.

If you are looking for Ferris mowers for sale, Nelson Tractor has them.

Models Nelson Tractor sells:

  • 500S Entry level
  • ISX 600 Series
  • ISX 800 Series
  • ISX 2200 Series
  • ISX 3300 Series
  • And walk-behind and stand-mowers.

If you are not sure a zero turn is right for you, learn how to drive one.

When you shop at Nelson Tractor you gain an industry-level experience. They have amazing relationships with the reps for every brand of mower and tractor they sell. Greg Nichols, the Corporate General Manager says “Customer service is great through our reps.” If you are looking for Ferris mowers for sale, that access to the reps is something you should take advantage of at Nelson Tractor.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

  1. Ferris Mowers can cost more than your typical mower, but the tradeoff is that you save money in other areas, such as less fuel and maintenance, time mowing, and other features thanks to key innovations.
  2. The independent suspension is a game-changer for anyone who does not have a perfectly level lawn or mowing field.
  3. Key technology allows Ferris mowers to run efficiently and at consistent RPM thanks to EFi and ETC. Plus, you do not have to change the oil as often thanks to their oil monitoring system, which gets upwards of 500 hours of mowing between oil changes.

Learn more about the quality of Ferris mowers by visiting Nelson Tractor. Seeing the quality construction and advanced technology in person is one of the best ways to make an informed decision about which zero turn mower you need. The process makes it easier to compare products, such as Kubota zero turn mowers. With Ferris, you get a range of residential to commercial mowers with high quality and full of innovation.