Plenty of tractor suppliers want to sell you a package deal to make their products more appealing. Typically, they put together a tractor and an assortment of tools you may or may not need all strapped down on a trailer with a cheap price and low payments. What a deal!

But is it?

Most people think these deals are offered by the manufacturer, but that isn’t true. It’s just a sales gimmick designed by a dealer to get you in the door and get a quick sale. Typically, these special packages have a very attractive sales price with an even more attractive finance rate. If you’re considering a tractor package deal, make sure you read the fine print and that you’re okay with committing yourself to their terms. Many times these aren’t the only sales programs offered by the manufacturer so ask a lot of questions. You may be more interested in a lower cash price or a shorter or longer term financing than what is offered in the package.

How about service?

If you live in Georgia and are looking at a tractor package deal in Arkansas be very cautious.  The selling dealer knows once you hook that trailer load to your truck and head home, you probably aren’t coming back!  He knows you aren’t going to haul your tractor all the way back to Arkansas for a repair and you can rest assured that he’s not coming to get it!

So now what do you do when it breaks down or needs service?  You bring it to me and ask me to work on your new tractor that you bought somewhere else?  From a dealer’s perspective this is something most don’t like dealing with at all. You bought it from them. You should go to them for service!

Our manufacturers do require us to perform warranty work regardless of where you may purchase your machine but they do not dictate when your tractor will actually enter the shop.  Most dealers will take care of customers first and then work on your machine when they have time. If there is a safety recall, your dealer in Arkansas is the one who gets notified and guess where you may have to go to get the recall fixed? Yes that’s right…Arkansas!  How’s that cheap price for a package deal sound now?

A good deal

The question is not “did you get a good deal?”, but “did you get what you wanted or needed?”  What if the package consists of a scrape blade when you really need a post hole digger? Can you switch implements and get what you need for the same price?

Or worse, what if the implement included in the package is inferior quality! There are many  equipment manufactures out there and many different levels of quality and not every dealer carries the same brands! That’s a pretty typical complaint, and it’s not just inconvenient, it’s a service and parts nightmare should you have a breakdown! Typically package dealers are not concerned with long term relationships built on trust because many of sales are to people that live a good distance from their store.

The old bait and switch

Package deals do look appealing on the surface, but they generally come with bottom-of-the-line tractors, with lightweight attachments, the cheapest standard tires, and minimum features.

Tractor dealers use these kinds of fake bargains to get you in the door with a low-price offer. Once you’re there, they’ll go for the upsell. Want tires that will offer real stability for your terrain? Ok, let’s add $800 to your bill. Want to upgrade that front loader to pick up dirt? That’s going to be another $600. Now let’s talk about that trailer. Did you want brakes on both axles? How about lights?

We don’t use slick sales tactics to get you in the door. We rely on our reputation, and sell you what you need for a fair and honest price. It’s a little old-fashioned, but it’s who we are.

It’s not a bargain if you don’t need it.

The package comes with WHAT?

When people are discussing compact tractor packages on tractor forums, one subject that frequently comes up is the quality of the implements. You may assume you’re getting high quality attachments, but when you get your bargain home, you’re looking at a cheaply made economy attachment… and who wants that? The only way to ensure you get the high quality you expect is to pick out exactly the right tractor to suit your needs.

You’ll also want to read those tractor package ads carefully. When I was writing this, I took a look at some of those ads, and many of them offered “features” that come standard with the tractor.  Some offered “high back seats,” “dual beam headlights,” “power steering” and one even offered a “3 point hitch.” These “options” are included in the base price of the tractor. Why are these advertised as part of a package if they are standard features from the factory?

Would you really want to do business with a seller like that?

So, what tractor attachments do you need?

When you come into the store and talk to one of our representatives, we’re going to ask a lot of questions:

  • How big is your property?
  • What’s the terrain like?
    • Is it flat, hilly, rocky, treed, sandy, sloped, or muddy?
  • What will you do with the tractor?
    • Will you need to dig holes?
    • Move dirt or heavy objects?
    • Pick up bales of hay?
    • Pull a bush hog?
    • Clear snow?
    • Set fence posts?
    • Till?
    • Spread fertilizer?
    • Feed livestock?

The questions help us figure out what you need; how much power, what kind of tires, and what attachments you need to do the work. Once we’ve got that all figured out, and we’ve talked about which brand you prefer, we find the tractor, attachments, and accessories you need, not whatever we need to get off the lot.

If you want unrealistic bargain-basement prices for cheap equipment, you’ll have to find another store. Come in and see us if you want a fair, honest deal on a quality tractor, with the attachments you need to fit the demands of your work. You will be buying from a dealer that appreciates you and will be here for you.  We don’t play advertising games here. It’s just not who we are. Every customer has unique needs, and we make it our business to meet your needs, not talk you into equipment you don’t need or want.

What do you think about tractor package deals?

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