Some tractor warning light symbols might be completely unfamiliar. If you can’t identify the light, will you know what to do when it comes on? While dashboards for different models might have fewer bells and whistles, the symbols here should be consistent for all Kubota tractors (and trucks, I checked)
This info comes from a Kubota Owner’s manual for a large cab tractor; you can download yours here for free.

Kubota Dash Lights and Symbols

Here’s the dash of a large cab model tractor with all the available lights and symbols, and what all the symbols mean.

Kubota Large Tractor Dash Diagram

1. Liquid Crystal Display.

Kubota Liquid Crystal Dash Display

  1. F or R – forward or reverse.
  2. Auto mode – Automatic speed change – lit when you’re in Travel or Field mode.
  3. 1 – 8 or E – The Power shift ratio selected with the Up-shift/Downshift button. “E” appears when there is a gear shift error.
  4. L, M, H, C, or N – The range gear shift position selected with the Power shift/Range lever. “C” appears when the creep speed is selected (option).
  5. The Rev-limiter control is set. (Display flashes when the engine speed is at or below the set speed.)
  6. The RPM dual memory is set.
  7. This part of the display has different settings you can choose:
    • Elapsed time (hour meter)
    • Maximum engine speed set by the Trip time Rev- limiter control
    • Engine speed set in memory
    • Failure information or other information
  8. Lights up when trip time mode is selected.
  9. h, A, B, or L –  h is hour meter or trip time, A or B is RPM dual memory, L is lit when the Rev-limiter control is set.
  10. 0 – 99 – Indicates the lift arm height.
  1. Turn signal or hazard lights are on.
  2. High-beams are on
  3. Master system warning indicator – stop engine and get service
  4. Trailer indicator
  5. Fuel level indicator
  6. Electrical charge warning indicator
  7. Engine warning indicator
  8. Tachometer
  9. Fuel gauge
  10. Coolant temperature gauge

Under the liquid crystal display, you have some truly unfamiliar symbols!

Kubota Tractor Dash Symbols

  1. 4WD indicator if this is lit, 4WD is engaged.
  2. Bi-speed turn indicator – The 4WD indicator and Bi-speed turn indicator come on when the system is in Bi-speed turn mode.
  3. Rear wheel differential lock indicator – When you step on the differential lock pedal, this light comes on. It will go off when you release the pedal.
  4. Regeneration indicator – When you press the auto regeneration switch, this light comes on. When the regeneration indicator starts flashing, it means a specific amount of PM has built up in the DPF. Keep working – the regeneration process is automatic.
  5. Parked regeneration indicator –  When the parked regeneration indicator starts flashing, the parked regeneration can also be started.
  6. Engine RPM increase indicator – If the engine RPM increase indicator starts flashing, keep on working and increase the engine rpm until the indicator turns off to meet the requirements for regeneration.
  7. Constant RPM management indicator – If regeneration fails, this indicator light and the parked regeneration indicator will start flashing. Stop working and begin the parked regeneration process. The engine warning indicator remains constantly “ON,” stop working immediately, turn the engine off, and have the tractor serviced before resuming use.
  8. 3-P. Lifting / Lowering indicator – turns on when the 3-point hitch is in use.
  9. Draft indicator – comes on when the draft control is selected and goes of when position control is selected.
  10. PTO clutch indicator – The PTO clutch indicator comes on while PTO clutch control switch is on.
  11. Engine oil pressure warning indicator – If the oil pressure in the engine falls below normal level, the warning indicator will come on. If this happens during operation, and it does not go off when the engine is accelerated to more than 1000 rpm, check engine oil level. Add oil or have the oil changed as necessary.
  12. Air cleaner indicator – If the air cleaner is clogged, the warning indicator will come on. The air cleaner element should be cleaned every 100 hours of use.
  13. Parking brake warning indicator – your parking brake is engaged.
  14. Heater indicator – your heater is on.
  15. Front suspension indicator – when the front suspension switch is in the  “ON” or “AUTO LOCK” position, the suspension indicator light comes on.