From sweet Georgia peaches our famous pecans to the $7 million wine industry, orchards and vineyards are part of our history and legend. Orchard farmers work under unique circumstances, and they need tractors engineered to meet those conditions. Without sacrificing any of the power necessary for operation anywhere on a farm, farmers need tractors narrow enough to fit between tight rows, with a low profile to avoid damaging low-hanging fruit, and superior mobility. That’s a tall order to fill, but don’t worry, you have several options.

John Deere Narrow Tractors.

In 2016, John Deere introduced its 5G Series Narrow Tractors with two chassis widths, 5GN (narrow) and 5GV (for vineyards). Improvements include a tighter turning radius than the 5EN series predecessor, additional fuel capacity with the option for an auxiliary tank, and a redesigned cab with more room for the operator.

Horsepower options:

  • 5075GN and 5075GV, 75 hp
  • 5090GN and 5090GV, 90 hp
  • 5100GN, 100 hp

Kubota Narrow Tractors

In 2017, Kubota unveiled changes to its new M-Series Narrow Tractors. The M4N and M5N ROPS are designed to work in vineyards, orchards and other narrow environments that require full power. The new tractors feature a V3800 Tier IV Final engine with an advanced emissions reduction system for minimal exhaust emissions. Other engine enhancements include RPM memory for repeat actions, and a larger cooling fan and radiator to keep the engine running cool and efficient.

Each model in the series has additional standard rear remote valves to improve the hydraulic system and allow for implements that require multiple valves. The cab has also been revamped for more efficient operations.

Horsepower Options:

  • M4N-071: 72.6 HP*, 61.0 PTO HP**
  • M5N-091: 92.5 rated HP*, 78.0 PTO HP**
  • M5N-111: 105.7 rated HP*, 91.0 PTO HP**

12-speed models

*Engine HP @ rated engine RPM (according to 97/68/EC)

** PTO power @ rated engine RPM (OECD CODE2)

New Holland Narrow Tractors

New Holland’s T4 FNV Series of narrow tractors is engineered for orchards, vineyards and other specialty applications. Upgrades include first-in-class safety features with the new Blue Cab 4™ system, along with enhanced performance engines, and Tier 4A reduced emissions.

Four new tractor models offer front and back hitches for extra versatility, and up to 93 PTO to power your attachments:

  • T4.80F 74 gross engine hp / 65 PTO hp
  • T4.100F 98 gross engine hp / 86 PTO hp
  • T4.90F 84 gross engine hp / 75 PTO hp
  • T4.110F 106 gross engine hp / 93 PTO hp

New Holland also offers highly specialized Braud High Capacity Grape Harvesters.

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