What do you need to know when comparing Kubota zero turn mowers to figure out which one will work best for you?

When you look at Kubota zero turn mowers, you’re looking at a quality build. Kubota zero turn mowers deliver a commercial-grade transmission, welded instead of a stamped deck, a solid frame that’s welded together to deliver years of reliable service. You can even get Kubota diesel zero turn motors when you need to take care of a larger spot, providing the strong durability you’d come to expect from a diesel.

But which one is the right one for your situation? You don’t want to get a mower that’s too big to maneuver, nor one that’s so small that it takes forever to finish mowing your yard or your client’s location. Here’s an overview to help you make a smart investment in the right Kubota zero turn mower for your needs.

Making a Zero Turn Mower Purchase

How do you decide if you even need to look at zero turn mowers or if Kubota lawn tractors are a better option for your property? Part of it depends on how much grass you have. If you’ve got a large acreage, a lawn care business or don’t have a lot of spare time to keep your yard up, a zero turn mower will help you get the job done faster. However, if you have a lot of steep slopes in your terrain, you will likely want to opt for a different type of Kubota than a zero turn.

Once you’ve decided whether a Kubota zero turn lawn mower is the best option for you, it’s time to compare zero turn mowers to find the right one for your needs. For example, if you’ve got a quarter acre of grass, you may want a good quality mower that will get the job done, but you probably don’t need to step up to a commercial mower. However, if you’ve got two or more acres to mow, stepping up to a commercial machine may make a big difference.

Do you have a lot of landscaping plants to work around? If you do, it’s much easier to mow around them without a lot of extra trimming work with zero turn mowers. The key to getting what you need is working with a sales rep who actually listens to your concerns, so make sure you’re working with somebody you’re comfortable with.

Top 5 Kubota Zero Turn Mowers

42-inch Cut Deck — Kubota Z231

42-inch Cut Deck — Kubota Z231

Kubota Z231

The Z231 is a great entry-level machine for homeowners that are dealing with up to a couple of acres. It has the same high level of quality you’ve come to expect from Kubota, while its smaller size makes it simple to move around obstacles, such as shrubs, trees and similar objects. Ample storage boxes make it easy to keep the tools you use regularly right at hand, while a large drink holder keeps you hydrated on those hot summer days. Standard roll-over protection keeps you safe on inclines, while a wide foot pan and high-back seat give you a comfortable ride.

When you’re dealing with a quarter acre to a couple of acres, the Kubota Z231 with a 42-inch deck will handle most personal yards, providing plenty of power to get through your mowing tasks quickly while still remaining agile and easy to maneuver around landscaping and other objects in your yard. Featuring a 21.5 horsepower engine, it can cut grass between 1.5 and 4.25 inches depending on your needs. Available accessories include a Kubota zero turn grass catcher, mulching attachment, LED headlights, a mower lift assist, seat suspension and a hitch kit. It’s a great zero turn mower to step up from your lawn tractor.

48-inch Deck — Kubota Z412

Kubota Z412KW-48 Zero Turn Mower

Kubota Z412KW-48

Whether you’ve got a small estate or farm, or if you’ve got a facility that maintains its own grounds and needs a zero turn mower that can step it up, the Z412 provides you with a wider deck for cutting larger swaths of grass each pass without sacrificing agility and maneuverability. It delivers the comfort you’d expect from a residential mower combined with the power and features you’d need from a commercial machine. Seat adjustment features make it easy to find the right position for extended mowing tasks, while the operation levers give you smooth, precise control.

This mower is a very popular option, featuring a solid Kawasaki engine and bridging the gap between heavy residential and light commercial mowing. The Z412 features a 22 horsepower engine, large 24” rear tires for a smooth ride, 6.5” front tires for better handling over rough ground, a high-back 3″ suspension seat to keep you comfortable while you mow, a cup holder for those long mowing jobs, a 12V power outlet for keeping your devices charged and a 5″ deep welded mower deck for long-lasting, durable performance. This is a great step up for larger acreages between 4-6 acres and for lighter commercial work.

54-inch Deck — Kubota Z422

Kubota Z400 Series Zero Turn

Kubota Z422

As one of the larger size decks that still has great maneuverability, the Z422 features a hydrostatic transmission that allows for smoother operation by transferring the power from the engine through a pressurized hydraulic system and then back to mechanical energy at the shaft. The seat access system makes it easy to access the onboard fuse box, so that you can change fuses and get back to work quickly. It’s great as a commercial machine if you’re dealing with smaller yards or those with a complex landscaping layout that would require making additional passes with trimmers if you used a larger machine.

The Z422 is available both in a 54-inch deck and a 60-inch deck. Both versions feature a solid 24 horsepower engine to transfer plenty of power to the mower blades and transmission. The 54-inch deck size is a convenient compromise between speed and agility, with the smaller size making it easier to maneuver. Featuring the same 24″ tires that make for a smooth ride as the Z412, while easy adjustments allow you to adapt the cutting height by a quarter inch at a time.

60-inch Deck — Kubota Z422

Kubota Z422 60 inch deck (Z422KWT-60)

Kubota Z422KWT-60

The Z422 in the 60-inch deck is capable of getting a lot of lawn mowed quickly, but at the cost of maneuverability. If you have a larger lawn that is relatively open, it’s a great option, or if you’re cutting sports fields that have very few obstacles to worry about. As with other Kubotas, it provides you with fine control of cut height, allowing you to switch height at 1/4” intervals with a simple twist of a knob.

As we mentioned in the 54-inch deck size, it’s also available in a 60-inch deck, making it a great option for big lawns. That being said, some homeowners find this size a bit too big for easy maneuvering. However, it works great for larger acreages up to five or six acres, making it easy to get it mowed more quickly. Though it also has 24″ tires, it has an additional 2.5” of width, giving you a little more traction in slippery conditions.

48-60″ Decks – Z700 Series

Kubota Z700 Zero Turn Mower

Kubota Z700 Series Mower

When you need a commercial mower that can finish fast and have serious maneuverability, the Kubota Z700 Series delivers strong performance. The variety of deck sizes provide you with several options, making it easy to get around carefully landscaped features or to quickly take out an entire ball field. As you manage your mowing tasks, you can quickly switch between mowing heights, while the easy-to-access storage box makes it simple to keep the tools you use most frequently close at hand. Adjustable pedals and levers allow you to completely customize the Kubota Z700 Series to each operator, allowing for more ergonomic operation and better operator comfort (it even has a cup holder).

Available in 48″, 54″ and 60″ decks, these mowers feature an 8-gauge, 6″ deep deck for superior strength, 42.6″ span for better stability, Kawasaki and Kohler engines, a 1.25” spindle for long-lasting durability and a top speed of 11.2 MPH. The large, easy-to-read LCD screen makes it simple to stay on top of many different aspects of your mowing process. A thicker, more durable tubular frame surrounds the easy-to-maintain components, including an easy-access engine cover, fast belt routing, simple battery access, flat-free front tires and a quick attach mower deck, making it easier for you to get your machinery back into use rather than having to wait around and waste time.

72-inch Deck — ZD1211L and ZD1511LF

Kubota ZD1211L Zero Turn

Kubota ZD1211L

When you’ve got to get serious acreage to take care of and want a long-lasting piece of equipment, the diesel-based 72-inch models handle property of six to ten acres or so. These two mowers solidly fit into larger commercial grade categories, delivering plenty of power and torque with long-lasting quality and durability. The diesel engines have the advantage of lasting longer and delivering more power for less fuel. That being said, they can be somewhat problematic if you need to use them late in the season in cooler and cold parts of the country, specifically if you can’t keep it in a heated space.

The ZD1211L features a 24.8 horsepower diesel engine that delivers plenty of torque with a 12.9 gallon fuel tank to keep you going. A 10.6 MPH top speed lets you get the job done quickly, while the adjustable height makes it simple to change your cutting height from one to five inches on the fly. On the comfort side, it includes an adjustable suspension seat with recline and lumbar support to make it easier to adapt to all of your operator’s body types, while increased airflow makes it easier to get the grass cut and cleared rather than forming unsightly clumps that will have to be picked up later on.

Kubota ZD1511LF

Kubota ZD1511LF

The ZD1511LF has both side and rear discharge options available, and is paired with a 30.8 horsepower diesel engine and a 13 gallon fuel tank for long mowing jobs. It’s available with either a Pro or ACS Deck, providing you with additional options, and the foldable rollover protection structure makes it easy to store, while the thick platform limits the vibration and noise of normal operations. This model steps up to a true air-ride seating system, providing your operators with the ultimate in comfort, while the largest LED display in its class provides you with all the metrics you need to know to optimize your operations. Available Kubota zero turn accessories include an operator-controlled discharge chute.

A Note About Horsepower

If the horsepower you’re seeing in a zero turn mower seems a bit high compared to a residential mower, bear in mind that the amount of horsepower is matched to the size of the mower’s deck. A larger deck requires more horsepower to turn, so a 15 horse residential mower may do great with a smaller deck, but it wouldn’t have sufficient power to turn a 60-inch blade efficiently. By matching the horsepower to the deck size, you’re getting an engine that will last for many years, not an underpowered one that will fail from too heavy a load.

The Value of a Solid Warranty

Beyond the solid value of the equipment, you want to know that if you do run into any trouble, it will be taken care of. Kubota’s warranty for its zero turn mowers typically runs at 24 to 48 months or a certain number of hours, ranging from 300 to 500, depending on whether the mower is being used for residential or commercial use. When you work with a manufacturer and dealership that has a solid reputation for quality and dedication to customer service, you’ll find that your equipment is worth far more both at the time of purchase and down the road, when you’re ready to make an upgrade.

Kubota Zero Turn Prices

When you’re trying to compare Kubota zero turn mowers, it’s important to remember that buying the right mower for your situation will save you money in the long run. Many people try to buy based solely on price, saving a little money in the short term, but having to replace their zero turn mower much more quickly than they expected because it won’t keep up with the work they need to accomplish. Whether they’re simply unhappy with its power or it takes too long to get the job done, we often see new customers suffering from buyer’s remorse because they bought too small based on a price point rather than their actual needs.

When you work with the experienced professionals at Nelson Tractor, we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution for your needs. By purchasing one of our Kubota zero turn mowers, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run by having the right equipment from the beginning, ensuring you’ll be able to get many years of usage from it. In addition to our helpful sales and rental department, you’ll find exceptional treatment in our sales and parts departments, with a unified team to help you with everything you need during your buying process and future ownership. Reach out to us with any questions about our lineup of quality Kubota zero turn mowers or for help with your high-quality Kubota equipment.