Purchasing a compact tractor is an important decision, and it can be intimidating. There are so many different options to choose from! How do you know which New Holland compact tractor is right for you?

Time management, attachments, horsepower, and tire tread are all things to take into consideration while shopping to ensure you pick the perfect compact tractor to effectively and efficiently complete your jobs.

Here’s how to make the right choice.

1. Comfort and Ease of Use

Tractor features are important and key to getting specific tasks done. If you need to be on the tractor for extended amounts of time, you should look for a tractor with a comfortable seat and easy operation that makes switching out and using attachments simple. Enclosed cabs offer extra protection from the elements, noise, insects, and debris. Isolated operator’s platforms decrease the vibrations that cause discomfort during a long day.

New Holland prides itself on operator comfort. The revolutionary SuperSuite™ cab and EasyDrive™ transmission ensures a comfortable ride that reduces operator exhaustion.

2. Hydraulic Power

The hydraulic system of the New Holland compact tractor is what powers the entire machine. Everything from steering and maneuvering to operating different types of attachments is controlled by hydraulics. When you are choosing a tractor, the hydraulic pump capacity is important to keep in mind. It is measured by gallons per minute (GPM), and certain attachments require a specific amount of GPM.

3. Tires

Tire size and tread is another key element when it comes to selecting a tractor. How you will be using your tractor and the type of terrain it will be riding on are the determining factors on what tire size and type of tread you will need. Tires with turf tread offer less traction, but provide the most protection to the ground, and are ideal for lawn mowing and other maintenance applications. Tires with industrial tread deliver excellent tractions and are more suited for rougher terrain and construction settings.

4. Attachments

The type of attachments you need is an important consideration. For example, if you plan on moving gravel, dirt, hay, or other materials, you need a front end loader with a bucket. To dig and excavate, you need a backhoe. For mowing, you need a rotary cutter.

You can buy New Holland compact tractor attachments to fit every task, sized to most models. Attaching and detaching implements is easy with their Quick-Mount system. You don’t need tools and you don’t have to climb down to guide assembly by hand. You just drive towards the attachment until it locks into place.

Your compact tractor needs the capacity and strength to support any attachments you will need to use, so determining exactly what kind of tasks you need to do and the proper implements for them is crucial while shopping for a compact tractor.

5. Horsepower for the Job

The first thing you need to ask is “what’s the primary job the equipment will be used for?” What you need to accomplish on your land is very important when it comes to choosing a compact tractor. Whether you need to mow, harvest, plow, haul, dig, level, build, or clean, New Holland has a compact tractor to get the job done.

New Holland tractors come in a variety of sizes (measured by horsepower). New models have liquid-cooled diesel engines with efficient fuel-injection systems and hydraulic operations. They come with three or four cylinders, which determine the horsepower. The amount of horsepower you need depends on:

  • What you you need your tractor for
  • Terrain
  • Your acreage

Our advice is to buy a tractor with more horsepower than you think you need.  If you buy the minimum engine size, every job will take longer and you may not have enough horsepower when you need it most.

Our Recommendations

Considering ALL of the above, here are the New Holland compact tractors we think are the best choices for Georgia landowners.

Up to 10 Acres

On smaller properties, tractors are primarily used for maintenance and upkeep. Tasks like mowing, gardening, landscaping and removing snow can all be accomplished with a compact tractor with 20-25 horsepower.

Our recommendation: The New Holland Workmaster 25 or Boomer Compact 24 are perfect for anyone who has small food plots, land for livestock, and homeowners with up to 10 acres of grass and garden to upkeep.

10 – 50 Acres

Properties that are 10-50 acres in size require a little more horsepower. A tractor with 30-40 HP can do everything the smaller one can, plus hay harvesting. These are typically used for profit farming.
Our recommendation: The New Holland Workmaster 35 or Boomer 33 have the horsepower to tackle a variety of jobs around a larger farm or property, and is fuel efficient, making the most out of your work day.

50 Acres and Up

A compact tractor that has 40-60 HP can handle the tougher jobs on larger pieces of land.

Our recommendation: The New Holland Boomer 40 or 45 Cab has the power and versatility to manage your land, along with harvesting, digging and farming large plots. The HP this tractor features can take care of large properties.