Kubota Brand Tractors and Equipment


Kubota builds workhorses that hold their value, are built to last, and as a brand, focuses on remaining a top brand to loyal customers.

What Makes Kubota Great?

“For Earth, For Life” is the Kubota motto, and they take it seriously. Kubota is a brand dedicated to being a global company, and they mean to address that stance, through intelligent engineering. These tools help the world’s farmers address every aspect of food production and the tools that care for this world.

Where other brands may take the least expensive route, Kubota takes the route of value over cost. This means that they build products to last, so the lifelong value you receive is higher. That stance is one reason that used Kubota tractors retain so much of their value. Kubota designs improvements and innovations from the field, where they take on the problems of agriculture based on input from the farmers who work the land.

An excellent example of why this is important to Kubota and agriculture comes from the fully-welded deck on their mowers. Most other brands have mower decks that are spot-welded, which means the probability of rust and rot is higher as moisture seeps into the seams. With Kubota, the fully-welded frame and decking keep moisture out, thus preventing rust and rot from occurring. Again, that is value through design.

Kubota introduced their first tractor to the US in 1969, but their history goes back to the late 1800’s as a foundry. Kubota’s first engine ran on kerosene. Since way back, Kubota has continued to improve their products and often by talking with farmers in the fields. Kubota is manufactured right here in Georgia. Designed with work in mind, tested by farmers, and engineered to make farming more manageable, affordable, and practical. Even the buying environment is engineered to be easy, straightforward, and honest.


Lawncare man cutting lawn
Kubota Brand Name on Tractor
A Kubota tractor and construction vehicle.
Two Kubota Vehicles for Construction

Kubota Tractor Dealer in Georgia

Kubota tractors are time-proven by people who work the land. Their mixture of quality manufacturing and intelligent design has created modern tractors that function well in the North Georgia landscape and are also comfortable and highly reliable. 

Kubota Construction Equipment

The same care and diligence that Kubota puts into every tractor are also found in every piece of construction equipment Kubota manufactures. With a well-rounded platform for construction, Kubota offers:

  • Skid Steer
  • Compact Tractor Loader
  • Excavator
  • Compact Tractor Loader Backhoe
  • Compact Wheel Loader
  • Mini Excavator

Kubota continues to design tools that exceed the needs of people who work the land or build communities. As a result, that reputation continues to grow throughout their product lifecycle.