If lawn tractors are too limited and compact tractors are too much, one of Kubota’s BX80-Series Sub-Compact Tractor might be just the ticket. The small size makes the sub-compact easy to drive and maneuver around obstacles, while delivering all the power and stability you need to perform most common tasks.


Prices for the Kubota BX80 series start at around $9,999 for the smallest tractor, the BX1880, a model that has a 18 gross HP, 3 cylinder engine with 13.7 PTO HP, 4 WD, lift capacity of 680 lbs, and a top forward speed of 7.8 MPH.

At the top end of the line, we have the Kubota BX2680 tractor with a 25.5 gross HP, 3 cylinder engine with 19.5 PTO HP, 4WD, lift capacity of 680 lbs, and a top forward speed of 8.4 MPH. The BX2680 starts at $19,999.

Key Features

  • The operator area has been completely redesigned for comfort, room, and style. The adjustable, high-back seat is well padded and can be reclined for a more comfortable position. The steering wheel tilts for better reach, and you’ll have more legroom on the deck to stretch out.
  • The instrument panel offers an easy-to-read display with all the information you need about the condition of the engine, braking, and hydraulic system.
  • Hydrostatic transmission, cruise control, and foot-control pedals make for a smooth, comfortable ride.
  • The Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) provides the safety you need and folds down for easy storage.

Tools and Attachments

Sure, but what can I do with this sub-compact tractor?

The BX80-Series in incredibly versatile, with a large line of implements simple to attach and release. Kubota’s front and back attachment system makes it easy to attach the Swift-Tach front loader and Swift-Connect backhoe with no tools and little effort. ┬áIn addition, you can choose a 16-inch bucket and a mechanical thumb for picking up objects like logs.

The redesigned 4-point front hitch allows you to add accessories like blades, brooms, and snowblowers. Rear-mounted attachments hook up with a standard 3-point hitch, and mid-mount mowing decks are available for all BX80 models..

All in all, the BX80 is an impressive line of sub-compact tractors that offers plenty of versatility with dozens of implements, both PTO-powered and motorized.

Options include tillers, plows, and aerators to prepare the ground for planting, a box scraper or rear blade to grade land or level a driveway, a post-hole digger, bale fork, cart, rear scoop, and more.

Kubota’s reputation for quality, technology, and performance makes it a great choice, and the affordable prices and ease of use make the BX80 series a practical option, especially for first-time tractor buyers.