No matter what model you choose, the John Deere Gator RSX series are far beyond standard utility vehicles. And with more than 100 accessories available, you’ll find more uses for this powerful side by side than you can imagine.

Gator UTVs are side-by-side vehicles with four-wheel-drive, bucket seating, and a cargo box. There are dozens of models to choose from, with basic T-series vehicles starting at just around $8,000. But if you want all the work capabilities plus a whole lot of fun, crank it up a notch with the sporty RSX series.

Starting at $13,299 the RSX is a sporty recreational off-highway vehicle with bucket seats, a roll cage and retractable seat belts, optional power steering, and blazing top speed of over 50 mph. Rear multilink suspension system and Fox 2.0 Performance Series shocks add a smoother ride, sharp turns, and safer operation to this powerful little beast.

The Gator UTV offers all the fun of off-roading on virtually any terrain along with some serious work capabilities.

So what can you do with your John Deere Gator?

  1. Go off-road. Built to handle any conditions, the Gator lets you get down and dirty. Power through mud bogs, ford shallow creeks, or kick up some dust on the flats. The Gator’s 4WD traction will take you almost anywhere you want to go.
  2. Carry ridiculously heavy loads. The cargo box behind the Gator cabin is big and heavy-duty. It’s made to withstand big loads without buckling. Load it up with anything from feed sacks to cinder blocks and it’ll get the job done. The cargo box can accommodate up to 400 lbs of whatever you want to move.
  3. Camping, fishing, hunting. If it’s outdoors, you can count on a Gator to get you there, with all the gear you need for your trip. Add hood racks and a cargo bed extender if you need more space for your stuff.
  4. Tow 1,200 pounds. Attach a cart and you’re good to go for huge loads. If you have to move construction materials,
  5. Extend your day. The job, or the fun, isn’t always over by sundown. John Deere offers a wide selection of light kits to make your evenings brighter.
  6. Pull a bull out of a bog. Hey, you never know what you might run up against in North Georgia and the Southeast. Hook up a winch and harness the Gator’s weight and power to pull up to 4,500 lbs. It’s also handy for pulling downed trees.
  7. Grade and level. Attach a blade to the front of your gator and clear snow or spread gravel on your driveway. Turn your Gator into a dozer.
  8. Fertilize your crops. Add up to a 90 gallon sprayer and your utility vehicle helps you fertilize or weed your crops in record time.
  9. Launch your boat. Gators are powerful enough to tow a boat and trailer, and designed for all-terrain, making it the perfect vehicle to back your boat into the water without damaging the undercarriage.

These are just a few ideas for having fun and getting the job done with a John Deere Gator RSX. It’s fast, sporty, and incredibly versatile, with a comfortable ride and built-in safety features. We think it’s a must-have for any property owner in North Georgia or the Southeast, whether you’re hauling wood, growing crops, or spending weekends fishing at the lake. It’s a great choice for work, pleasure, or both!

John Deere Gator RSX 860i

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