Ferris Mowers


What Makes Ferris Mowers Great

Ferris has a deep history of innovation and quality that helped start the American farming industry. The company has humble roots that begin in 1909 but in 1986 it made a shift to address the growing need of homeowners.

Ferris’ innovation and design are evidenced by their long list of firsts such as introducing independent suspensions for riding lawn mowers and the hydrostatic walk-behind mower which was a first-to-market. Their continued commitment to quality products is part of what makes Ferris Mowers great. 

Made in the USA 

Every Ferris mower is made right here in the US. They are located in New York and manufactured by American workers dedicated to creating solutions for both residential and commercial mower customers. Ferris zero turn mowers remain in high demand not only because they are built to last, built in the USA, but because they are highly functional across a wide array of landscapes. Ferris has a mower that will tackle your landscaping issue. 

Man mowing with Ferris Riding Mower
An elderly man mowing grass with a Ferris Mower.
Man with headphones riding a ferris mower.

Landscaping Maintenance Made Easy 

Ferris’ dedication to the problems of keeping a lawn beautiful is what makes the company so remarkable. In a time when companies come and go, the Ferris company continues to grow quality-built and innovative mowers from the easy-to-use Ferris lawn mower with walk-behind technology to the ergonomically enhanced Ferris zero turn mowers. 

Walk-Behind – The FW15 Ferris mower takes the walk-behind mower to the commercial market with compact design, power, and options that allow the mower to remain successful in all types of landscapes. 

Zero-turn Mowers – Ferris is committed to improving its already awesome Zero Turn Mowers by introducing new models and platforms that push the boundaries of zero-turn mowers. Those innovations include:

  • ForeFront Suspension – Counters the physical effects of mowing on rugged terrain. 
  • EFI Engines – Power + Efficiency so you can do more with less fuel and energy.
  • iCD systems – Cutting technology that adapts to changing terrain and environments.
  • Oil Guard Technology – Technology that protects the mower’s engine while prolonging its life cycle. 
  • Triple Deck Mowers – Sturdy designs that hold up year-over-year from walk-behind or zero turn mowers. 

What makes Ferris lawn mowers great? It is the end result both for your lawn and landscaping and for your body. The effects of mowing and maintaining landscaping of all sizes take a toll. The easy-to-use, comfortable, and ergonomic options offered by Ferris mean you can do more while working less.