Kubota is a worldwide brand focusing on helping farmers get the job done the first time correctly. To that end, Kubota offers a range of accessories for their tractors. In this blog, we go over many of the options for farmers and landowners in North Georgia. So, what’s on your chore list?

Rotary Cutters by Land-Pride

Built for Kubota by Land-Pride, rotary cutters keep the grass in check. Four options differ by weight and width, with the narrowest being 42″ and the widest being 60″. Each connects via a 3-point system. If you have a lot of mowing for lawn or field, manicuring a rotary cutter is a good option. [1]When your chore list includes:

  • Rural acreage
  • Open spaces
  • Row crops
  • Roadside maintenance
  • General farm maintenance

A three-point rear attaching rotary cutter is the tool for the job. Size options and mower options such as baggers and mulchers for the 60″ unit allow you to customize the mower to your specific chore or application. Any of the Nelson Sale team members can help you fit the right mower to your tractor.

Mid-Mount Mower

Available in 60″ or 72″ and built by Kubota for larger mowing chores. These mowers feature an easy-mount system. The benefit of a mid-mount mower is that it does not add length to the tractor. [1]Other benefits include:

  • Easy tracking for mowing as you sit above the mower vs. towing a finish or rotary mower, which adds length to the tractor.
  • You enjoy easy mowing for jobs next to objects, such as trees. A rotary mower does not track close during turning, making it harder to mow around objects.
  • You enjoy easy mount and dismount for attaching the mower to your tractor.
  • It does not require front weighting as some rear-attach mowers will.

The Downside of a Mid-mount mower is that it requires a mid-point PTO, which may or may not be installed on your tractor. Points to consider:

  • Mid-mount mowers are not significant assets if you need to mow under smaller objects, such as smaller trees and Shrubs. With a rear-attached rotary mower, you can back the mower up under the object to mow.
  • Maintenance is just a little more complex with a mid-mount mower unless you remove it.

Disk Harrows

Disk Harrows are one of the first tools you use to break land. They have a wide application for:

  • Landscaping
  • Nurseries
  • Farms of all sizes
  • Food plots, market gardens, and sustainable food production
  • Construction
  • Arenas – Horse, livestock, etc.

Disc Harrows for Kubota are a land-pride brand and designed to elevate the functionality of your tractor. From the start of a project to seasonal repair or maintenance of fields, gardens, and outdoor living, a disk harrow makes getting chores done efficient and straightforward.

Drag Harrows

Kubota drag harrows are a perfect tool to add the finishing touches to horse arenas and even sports fields, golf courses, and new lawn installations. Land-pride drag harrows are available in lightweights from 89 pounds to 185-pounds and in widths 48, 72, 96 inches, giving you plenty of options to add a tool that fits your needs.

Box Scrapers

Box scrapers are a versatile tool. For Kubota, they range in width and weight, giving you a lot of room for custom applications. If your chore list includes road building or maintenance, then a box scraper is on your buy-list.

Kubota makes these in the 277 – 500 pound range for residential tractors and more significant for full-size tractors. They also range in width from 44-66.”

Rotary Tillers

Rotary tillers are the step-two tool for soil preparation. They follow disking giving finer tillage to many farming and landscaping applications, which include:

  • Residential landscaping – lawn installation, weed abatement, etc.
  • Gardening – Soil preparation for direct grow and market gardens
  • Nurseries – Soil preparation for forest installation and bare-root applications
  • Farms – Small field management and preparation for grain and hay planting, etc.
  • Municipalities – Weed abatement, etc.
  • Commercial applications

Landscape Rakes

Available in a range of sizes, making it easier to find the tool that fits your projects. These range from 100 pounds to 350 pounds and in widths from 48-96 inches. A step-three tool for agriculture, even on a small scale. Landscape rakes help prepare the soil for direct sowing seeds or planting seedlings. In addition, they are handy for spreading material, such as manure or even rocks, and collecting leaves and other debris in the fall.

Grading Scrapers

Grading scrapers are a step-one or step-two tool for road maintenance and site preparation. They are available in 48 or 60-inch widths and weights that range between 310-437 pounds. All three options are 3-point attachments that make removing potholes painless and help break soil before disking or box scraping.

Rear Blades

A cross-over tool that gives you options for a variety of applications. You can use a rear blade to remove snow, backfill, smooth, and more. They are lovely in feedlots for cleaning, but they shine when you need to do finishing work on freshly plowed dirt. You could use them on roads and arenas to create that smooth finish that is safe for riding, driving, and more.

Rear Blades are available in weights from 128 pounds to 396 pounds and widths ranging from 48-84 inches. If you have a rear blade tool on your buy list, the sales team at Nelson tractor will help you fit the perfect size rear blade to your tractor and your chore list.

Quick Hitches

Kubota Quick Hitches are a tool of convenience that allows for the quick installation and removal of 3-point hitch tools and accessories from your tractor. In addition, Kubota technology means that for some tools, you can add or remove them without leaving the driver’s seat.

Tools that save you time and energy are a big plus when you have a long list of chores. Find out which quick hitch fits your tractor by talking with the Nelson Sales Team.

Post Hole Diggers

Posthole diggers make fence installation so much easier, but that is not all they do. They are excellent for nursery applications and landscaping when you need to plant trees and shrubs. A post hole digging attachment applies to farming, home and commercial landscaping, contractors, and other industries.

Posthole diggers are mostly 3-point attachments, but there are some Quick Access Universal loader options too.

Swift-Connect Backhoe Attachment for Kubota tractor

It may seem the backhoe feature is not available for smaller tractors, but that’s just an urban myth. The Kubota BX23S allows you to connect a backhoe attachment without the use of tools. The quick-connect feature gives you the power to trench or dig even on residential tractors. The BX23S offers:

  • Reversible seat for better visuals of working
  • Protected Hydraulic hoses to save repair time from accidental punctures.
  • Operational Mechanical thumb for greater lifting options
  • Boom and Swing Cylinder Cushion Valves for less physical impact to the operator.

If you have a backhoe attachment on your tool list, talk to the sales team at Nelson Tractor and discover your options.

Kubota Bucket Attachments

There are times when you need to remove the bucket from your Kubota tractor. Doing so makes the overall length of the tractor shorter, giving you more room to squeeze into tighter spots. The buckets are easy to remove on residential tractors, and with the Kubota innovative attachment, you can add or remove the bucket in as little as a minute without a bunch of tools. Features include:

  • Single Lever Hydraulic Connection – Attach or reattach all four of the Kubota Hydraulic lines in one motion.
  • Kubota Curved Boom Design – Giving you improved visuals using the front loader.

Be sure to chat with the Nelson sales team about options, including:

  • Optional 2-Lever Quick Coupler
  • Optional 3rd Function Valve
  • Optional Bucket Level Indicator Rod

Forklift Attachment for Kubota Tractor

The Forklift attachment for your Kubota Tractor turns your tractor into a powerhouse for moving pallets, hay, and produce, including grape boxes, apple boxes, and other crates that sit on a pallet. These are front mount attachments and come in various weights to 330 pounds with a 46-inch width.

Forklift attachments are a necessity on farms, orchards, and for anyone who has livestock.

Front Mount Kubota Tractor Sweeper Attachment

The front mount brooms make it easy to add finishing touches to cleaning and yard maintenance. For example, use them to remove fall leaves, dethatch lawns, and clean up small aggregate, including gravel. Another helpful way to use a front mount sweeper is to clean driveways and asphalt before applying sealers or other maintenance products.

Kubota Sprayer Attachment

Sprayers are a handy tool. For Kubota, they are 3-point attachments in a variety of sizes. The available options make it easy to choose the correct sprayer for your chores, farm size, and tractor size. In addition, these are easy to attach and disconnect.

Easily apply pre-and post-emergent weed control, plant hormones, and even water your dirt roads. These are essential for nurseries, orchards, and farms of all sizes.

Kubota Tractor Trencher Attachment

Land Pride makes Kubota tractor trencher attachments: There are two options, the TR48 & TR60 Trenchers. They pair with two motor sizes too. These are contractor-grade tools and make it easy to cut/dig trenches for pipes, cables, and even electrical projects. Dig 4 foot or 5-foot trenches and choose from four chain types making them highly customizable to the soil type of your project.

Kubota takes into consideration the time it takes to do chores. Whether you are a small acreage farmer or a mega acreage rancher, Kubota has made an honest effort to create valuable and dependable attachments for your Kubota tractor, whatever size tractor you use. Learn more by visiting our Nelson Tractor dealership and bring your list of questions. Our team practices no pressure selling, and we are happy to answer your questions.

Kubota BX Tractor Attachments