When it comes to the manufacture, design, service, and distribution of high quality machinery and equipment for infrastructure maintenance, agriculture, and other applications, the Alamo Group is one of the top companies in the industry.

Alamo has focused on the satisfaction of their consumers for over four decades. Through product development, product refinement, and geographic market expansion, they have ensured the needs of the customers are always met.

Way back in the beginning, Alamo rotary mowers were the company’s flagship products. Flail cutting and sickle bar mower technologies have since been added, and today, the company manufactures many products such as street sweepers, snow removal equipment, vacuum trucks, agricultural implements, excavators, truck and tractor mounted mowing and other vegetation maintenance equipment.

Over the years, Alamo has continued to advance and expand. Today, they are one of the leaders in product development and innovation, following the concept and marketing of fascinating brands, efficiency of manufacturing, and product safety. Over the years, the company has acquired twenty-five brands, and continues to improve and expand.

Alamo mowers are sold worldwide through marketing organizations and extensive independent dealer networks under many trademarks and names.

Alamo Rotary Mowers

Alamo Rotary MowerThe iconic Bush Hog is so well known that the name has become interchangeable with rotary cutters. Whether the job calls for an economy cutter for a small tractor or a heavy-duty shredding mower, these machines are all built to last. The Alamo Bush Hog features decks that are constructed to eliminate trash build up, swivel tail wheels for height adjustment, and blade pans to provide protection from dangerous field risks and hazards.

The entire line of Alamo Bush Hog rotary cutters is made for pasture and field maintenance, hefty crop clearing, and other large jobs that call for equipment that is reliable and durable. These machines are designed to handle extreme duty, and produce exceptional performance and productivity with minimal maintenance to them for long periods of time. Cutting widths range from 8’ to 15’ and feature a variety of hitch types and mounting options.

Bush Hog flex wings have a cutting range from 12’ to 20’ and are well-known for durability, longevity, and superior performance. The wings independently glide over uneven terrain for smooth cutting. There is an Alamo mower model perfect for any job, whether you’re maintaining a pasture or clearing heavy growth, and to match any tractor.

The Bomford tri-wing has cutting widths of 4.6m or 6m, intended for operation in wide, open spaces. It features a sprung loaded deck, and its blade configurations make this machine top of the line in quality.

The Schulte 5026 has the widest cutting field available to date. The whopping 26’2” cutting deck makes it quicker to complete jobs, cut through heavy material more efficiently, and scatter cuttings better than any of the competing machines. A 200 HP gearbox keeps the machine running cool at all times, so jobs can be executed even in the hottest Georgia weather.

Tiger’s Twin Rotary cutter makes roadside mowing jobs fast and easy. It features side mounted and rear mowers that can be used individually or simultaneously, providing multiple mowing options. No clutch, u-joints, or v-belt mean no costly breakdowns for the rugged rear mowing unit.

Rhino turbo finishing mowers supply an incredibly smooth cut and top quality results in many turf mowing applications. Mowing widths range from 60’ to 100’ and models include features such as the deepest decks in the industry, a height adjustment design that makes it simpler to adjust, a three-point quick hitch for effortless attachment, and fast blade tip speeds for a manicured cut.

The Rhino FL15 Nitro was created to handle vigorous, heavy duty commercial, agricultural and industrial mowing. It features 5’ diameter cutting capacity, flexible wings, and precision gearboxes and drivetrain, making it a step above all its competitors.

Alamo Flail Mowers

Alamo Flail MowerAlamo Industrial sets the bar high when it comes to roadside mowers. Models offer single and dual wing options, hydraulic pump drive for the units, and in-frame hydraulic oil cooling for dependable and consistent power. Alamo flail mower technology provides precision and a clean cut every time.

The Bomford turbo VM is especially constructed for verge grass cutting. It is hand built and offers cowl angling from +90 degrees to – 50, cutting widths of 1.6m or 2m and different flail options.

Herder Implements FLV 400 is designed for the grinding of waste for several cultures such as fruits. Excellent for crushing and distribution of mulching material.

Rhino flail mowers are able to handle the roughest jobs. Whether the job is mowing large yards, grooming plants, clipping pastures, or shredding crops, there is a Rhino up to the task.

Alamo S.M.A. brand offers the best selling models in the range of flail mowers. With agility, power and ability to varied terrain and delivering the precise trim and excellent cutting dispersal expected of flail mower technology.

Alamo Boom Mowers

Alamo Boom Mower (Kubota)Alamo Boom mowers are designed to do the most challenging mowing jobs. Attached to arms, they can mow down high brush on the side of the road or the mushy ground around a pond, while the tractor remains safely on solid ground. Alamo makes a variety of boom mowers designed to meet different needs.

The Bomford Heron has been refined for the environmental and drainage boards. With a 9.2m telescope mid mounted configuration, this machine can safely work with lighter tractors than most boom mowers.

The Alamo Industrial Maverick features the newest technology in the industry, and other machines can not compare. Superior maneuverability and troubleshooting monitoring devices puts the Maverick at the top of its class.

McConnel Front Mount Hy-Reach 65 Power Arm can mount an array of different implements for mowing and trimming. One example, the PA Verge Mower, which can extend its reach up to 16’4” and can operate at up to 12 miles per hour.

The Tiger TrucKat is a truck mounted boom mower with exceptional speed and maneuverability, which creates up to 50% more productivity than a traditional mower. It travels to different job sites at high speeds, so it can record more mowing hours.

You have a wide variety of mowing jobs, and Alamo mowers come in a wide variety to meet your exact needs. Whether you’re clearing land, maintaining a roadside, or mowing the soft ground around a pond, Alamo has the mower or arm you need, with the quality and reputation you deserve. Come in and talk to us about what you need in an Alamo mower.